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With the need to meet the demand in Eco-cleaning, low water consumption, we created the following business services, DryUp Service. We have exclusive services for ecological cleaning and sanitizing carpets / upholstery shops.

All products used in the cleaning and hygiene services were developed and are manufactured exclusively for DryUp, according to ISO 9001, and have the record in ANVISA.

All staff are skilled, aware of the practices and procedures for cleaning surfaces and environmental processes. The training and recycling are constant.


Cleaning and sanitizing Carpets and Rugs

With the same technology in products used in nautical and aviation segment, we have developed a process for cleaning carpets and rugs, aiming to sanitize and revitalize the fibers eliminating bacteria and fungi.

Hygiene upholstered chairs and corporate

This service is for companies that require speed in ecological cleaning process on chairs and upholstery. The service cleans and revitalizing the fibers padded eliminating bacteria and fungi.

Limpeza interna de Aeronave



The DryUp also offers specialized services such as cleaning fleets of light and heavy vehicles.

Cleaning of heavy equipment

With the same technology for ecological cleaning surfaces, we have processes to clean the highest degree of dirt in heavy equipment. For more information, request a technical visit.

Cleaning and sanitizing light vehicles and heavy

No water. Housekeeping in light and heavy vehicles for companies with fleets is performed without the use of water. Its main objective is to reduce the consumption of water and the low cost products.

Cleaning and sanitizing in containers

With environmentally friendly chemicals, perform the cleaning and sanitizing in containers of various types and sizes. We have products that eliminate fungi and bacteria. For more information, request a technical visit.



Limpeza Ecológica de Carpete