Allow the water to navigate.

The DryUp Marine is responsible for bringing the standard cleaning DryUp and ecological conservation to boat owners, yachts and other nautical equipment.

The cleaning processes are developed exclusively for the nautical sector, through exclusive products for removing the dirt with a high degree of difficulty. We have broad portfolio of services for boats.

With a focus on continuous improvement and development of new technologies in products and services, we seek the best services and international products with a view to ensuring quality and total customer satisfaction.



Ecological cleaning DryUp

Service performed without the use of water and biodegradable products, which ensures the boat cleaner longer and 100% ecological cycle. We seek to follow the standards in accordance with the manufacturer’s manual, since the protection components to specific cleaning procedures.

Internal Hygiene

Housekeeping and domestic hygiene aims to remove the dirt from walls, floors, ceilings and other surfaces. Revitalized upholstery, leather and other accessories in fabric.

Carpet Hygiene

For vessels that have carpeting, create a differentiated service for cleaning and sanitizing without the use of water and without the necessity of removing the carpet of the vessel. Apply products to eliminate fungi, bacteria and remove stains and odors.

Leather Hydration

Performed with exclusive products DryUp, ensuring balanced PH to leather, providing longer life because penetrate the pores preventing dryness and cracking. In addition to maintaining the soft leather with its original features.

Barnacles Removal

Remove the barnacles on hulls with specific products and processes that are aimed not only removal but also increased efficiency boat.


This service is designed vessels that have stains, opaque paint or presenting hazards in the varnish. The procedure follows the highest levels of security for the vessel and for employees. They are also polished the metal parts. The polishing service may be carried out only after a technical analysis.

Sanitation of the machines home

Cleaning and sanitizing engines and accessories. We recommend cleaning after maintenance or when necessidade.Higienização the machines home.

Softening of the motors

After each browsing, take care of the sweetening of in accordance with the standards and requirements of manufacturers of marine engines.