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The DryUp Aviation specializes in the cleaning and ecological conservation aircraft, with specific processes that ensure water conservation and proper disposal of waste cleaning. The main competitive advantages of Aviation DryUp are the procedures and products used to perform the ecological cleanliness, in which it is not necessary to use water by means of a different process, along with biodegradable products, and 100% ecological cycle, do leaves residues in the cleaning environment.

We use environmentally friendly products, developed with green raw materials and following the specific international aviation market rules.

Limpeza externa de Aeronave



Services are conducted in accordance with the standards of manufacturers and with specific procedures of aircraft tracking.

We have a range of exclusive services for cleaning and ecological conservation of aircraft:

Ecological cleaning Foreign Aircraft

Differentiated service biodegradable products made with and without use of water, which ensures the aircraft cleaner longer and 100% ecological cycle. It has great importance in reducing the fuel consumption due to lower friction with the air. Followed rules according to the manufacturer’s instructions, protection from external components and identification of components protected by cleaning with a specific procedure.

Internal cleaning

Performed with biodegradable products and specific tools to ensure the integrity of the aircraft, we created a high-tech services for internal cleaning, galley and basements.

Limpeza interna de Aeronave


Internal hygiene

Performed with approved products and specific procedures to ensure complete internal cleaning of the aircraft, the service is intended to revive upholstery, leather and other aircraft accessories.

Hygiene Carpets and Walkways

For cleaning carpets and walkways apply specific products to eliminate fungi and bacteria, stains and remove odors.

Leather hydration

Made with certified products in the pattern of international aviation, to ensure a balanced pH of leather, providing longer life of the leather. The product penetrates the pores, preventing dryness and cracking. Hydration keeps the soft leather, with its original features.

Hygiene QTU

With specific procedures, this service is the application of disinfectants and anti-bacterial across the surface. We use manual machine for removal of dirty solution.

Cleaning cockpit

Detailed cleaning and technique through rigorous processes and high-tech products for finishing and total cockpit cleaning.

Limpeza interna de Aeronave


Polishing services are intended for aircraft that have stains, are burned from the sun and opaque or pose risks in the varnish. High-tech products are applied that create a protective film against sunlight. These services follow the highest levels of security and procedure adopted in the international aviation market.

Are polished the metal parts of the aircraft, such as leading edge, ring the turbines, strap around the windows and windshields. The polishing service may be carried out only after a technical analysis.