The difference is in the details.

It was with the concept of preservation in mind that DryUp entered the national automotive market embellishment. Considering the national passion for cars, create a first-rate infrastructure and a differentiated technology that helps customers keep their vehicles always clean and well maintained, with the basic principle an environmentally friendly attitude.

It is no less: a single washing car can consume between 300 liters and 450 liters of water. Besides preventing all this waste, unused cleaning water, made with the use of biodegradable products, hard twice a common washing. Word DryUp!

The solution you are looking for!

The customer who leaves the car in the care of DryUp has available a full range of services for the automotive embellishment. Besides the ecological washing, know what else you can find in our stores:


Dry DryUp

The base product is made of wax. Do not scratch the paint, because it uses special microfiber cloths and micronovelos. Products used in the wash help emphasize the vehicle color.

Special cleaning white cars

It is common to see grimy or yellowish white cars. To return to the original color, aplicase a specific product that makes stain removal. Ideally, apply it every six months for the conservation of bodywork.

Leather hydration

This process is recommended to restore the color and the original pH of the leather and degrease it without making the bank slippery. Moreover, hydration, which must be done at every change of season, prevents wear on the leather in general.

Glass sealing

For the driver’s vision is not impaired on rainy days, we recommend sealing glasses, made with appropriate product.


We use a special wax, which also highlights the car’s paint will protect it from the sun’s rays. The DryUp recommends waxing a vehicle every three months.


Imported technology for painting revitalization. We recommend this service when the car paint is burnt from the sun and opaque when there are risks in the varnish or paint stains.

Hygiene interior

To eliminate bacteria and fungi from inside the car, the cleaning should be done every six months to prevent the rapid proliferation stimulated indoors. When the smell is also an issue, the network suggests the removal of odors caused by the use of cigarettes, transport of animals or food, humidity, etc.

Hygiene air conditioning

Also toward the elimination of fungi and bacteria and hence the bad smell. The DryUp subject to a particular product by the air-conditioning ducts, which does not require the car dismantling. The network recommended that this process is done every four months.

Dry engine

Do not use water in the engine wash, but cloths, specific utensils with their own products and brush to clean the head gaskets and do not damage the electrical and electronic connections.


Cleaning and Hygiene

All products used in the wash and Sanitation services have been developed and are manufactured exclusively for DryUp. In addition to its unique formulation, all products are biodegradable and have the record in ANVISA.

Polishing and Mirroring

The DryUp uses exclusive products for polishing and mirroring surfaces, which ensures a perfect result, in addition to 6-month warranty services.